Suggest a basic html editor for XP, please!
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Anyone know a good basic html editor for Windows XP that will install on a computer for which you don't have admin privileges?

I just want something like JuJuedit (, a Notepad substitute that has syntax highlighting etc.

I want to use it on a work PC for which I don't have admin privileges. I've installed Filezilla in My Documents and that runs perfectly well, but JuJu's installer says I need admin rights to install.
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Best answer: Maybe try Notepad ++?
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PSPad is a great freeware text editor with support for HTML and much more. This page seems to indicate that it can be run without being installed. There is also a related forum post here.
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Best answer: Notepad2 does everything I need and doesn't require installation. It might be what you're looking for as well.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys!

PSPad sadly needs admin rights to install.

Both notepads work excellently, though thanks for all the help. Another win for aks.mefi!
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I realize you've already happily found your solution, but for anyone else reading this I can't really recommend Notepad++ enough. Fantastic notepad replacement software that I use on any machine I work with, whether I'm coding or not. I spent years attempting to find one that I really like and it ended my search. woo!
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Just to throw it in there: ConTEXT
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Don't know if it needs admin rights, but I've long been fond of HTML-Kit.
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Please don't use NVU, as recommended above.

Use the updated version of it, called Komposer, due to naming rights.
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Best answer: For even more fun drop Notepad++ Portable Edition (from on your thumb drive, copy your preferences files over and instantly have your favorite HTML editor available on any Windows computer with a USB port. Love it. Use it all the time.
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Response by poster: ++ is winning the war so far.

Thanks guys!
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