Opportunities for my health business?
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How can I reach potential clients and new avenues for my health business? Would love specific suggestions for online networks, writing and speaking opportunities, and individual consultations. My business revolves around holistic health, life coaching, homeopathy, and intuitive skills.

Here's what I already know about:
- Contacting local places to speak at
- LinkedIn, Facebook, Biznik, self-growth.com, Starfish Partners, AHHA, BNI
- My website and blog

Also creating an online store to sell natural lotions and bath salts, know of any place to sell besides www.etsy.com?

Anything else is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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The only way I'm familiar with growing a network is through collaboration. Look for a local taskforce/committee etc. to contribute to. If you're in the united states, try for a county branch of the health department. Many have local versions of the Healthy People 2010 initiative that deals with whatever health issues are salient in your area. Here's a link to the state contacts. They'll be able to give you a contact for your local area.

If you're not in the US, I'm sure there are similar projects.

The benefits (besides the good you'll be doing on the committee) are that you'll get plugged in to a network of people who themselves will have contacts.

Give and you will get back.
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