How can I get Apple's iPod Mini to talk to the PC using FireWire?
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iPod Mini question: I've checked AskMe archives and asked this on Apple's discussion board, to no avail. How can I get the Mini to talk to the PC using FireWire? [MI]

I recently got a new home computer and a new iPod mini. I also have a 20 GB touch-wheel iPod. iTunes seems unable to recognize the Mini when I connect it with the FireWire port; there's also occasional system-wide weirdness when I do that (can't access the mini through Windows Explorer ("I/O device error", I think), occasional crashes, and iPod Updater gets all kinds of confused and hangs and stuff). The 20 GB iPod works just fine with the FireWire. The Mini also works fine -- if I plug it into a USB2 port. I'm on XP Service Pack 1, I've installed the FireWire patch, and I've updated both iPods using iPod Updater 7-15-2004.

It's not a huge stresser, since I can use both iPods -- but what with everything being brand new, I feel like the Mini should be able to talk to the FireWire. I shouldn't have to use one on FireWire and one on USB2, y'know? I've reinstalled iTunes (4.6) several times, and followed the other tips I could find around here. Since the 20GB works, I'm pretty sure the FireWire card is OK... is there something different about how the Mini does things, or some trick to getting the Mini to talk with FireWire?
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