Where can I get an 11x17 portfolio in portrait orientation?
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Where can I get an 11x17 portfolio in portrait orientation?

I've checked with the obvious sources (House of Portfolios, Brewer-Cantelmo, Lost Luggage, etc.) and it seems that no one carries 11x17 as a stock size. I'm a photographer and was planning on printing my book full bleed and roughly half my images can't be cropped down to the more common 11x14 without losing something important or ruining the composition.

I've requested quotes to get one custom made in that size but I have a feeling it's going to be out of my price range. Anyone know of a company that stocks portfolios in that size? I wanted a standard, black leather book but at this point I'm open to anything that looks professional.
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I got mine at the local art supply shop (in Toronto). It's plastic, not leather, but 11x17 is a pretty standard size. Unfortunately it doesn't have a brand name printed on it, sorry.
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Looks like Dick Blick carries some. Not sure if any of those are in a portrait orientation - looks like that's the tricky bit.

Is it possible to get a landscape one and just lay it out sideways? Not perfect, true, but you might find it better than cropping off the ends...
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How 'bout this? The photo shows it in portrait orientation, but...
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B&H and Adorama have some possibilities.
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I've ordered from them in the past and have been happy with their service.
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Light Impressions seems to sell at least this one. Not sure if that is what you had in mind.
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I am stunned that Brewer-Cantelmo doesn't offer this. I've seen a boatload of 11x17 portrait portfolios. I'd suggest hitting up a couple of photographers with a record of being active online... ,a href="http://blog.chasejarvis.com/blog/">chase jarvis comes to mind.
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