Convincing my camera that the media card flap is closed
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Sensorfilter: my digital camera's media card door sensor thinks it's open, even when it's closed. Has anyone ever disabled one of these things? The door stays closed just fine, just the camera doesn't think so.
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Details? IE Camera model?

If it uses an optical sensor it may just be dirty. Try giving it a good blast of canned air.
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Describe the door mechanism and where you think the door sensor is. Camera model would help too.

Depending on how much you value your camera, you may need to disassemble the door and stuff around it to get to the sensor and either short or open it; or pay for servicing.
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Response by poster: Is anyone still reading this? We moved a couple of days ago and I didn't get a chance to post sooner.

It's an Olympus D-40 Zoom. The door swings out. I think I may have accidentally snapped off a tiny, tiny plastic tab on the door [this started after I disassembled the camera to replace the shutter-button/zoom-ring mechanism], but I can't figure out how that would fit into the hole that I thought it was supposed to fit into.

I replace the AirPort antennas that thread around the display on iBooks, I thought this shutter button replacement would be a cakewalk. And it was, until I put it back together and this card door stuff started.
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