Winery suggestion for Wilamette Valley?
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Can anyone recommend a couple of wineries in the Wilamette Valley region by Portland? My SO and I will be there this coming weekend, and would like to know which ones we should stop at.

We will have a car, and we're staying at McMenamin's Hotel Oregon Saturday and Sunday night (June 14th & 15th). We're driving from Portland Saturday morning and returning to Portland for a few days Monday morning. We're open to what's available, since we've never been in this region.
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We went out to Dundee a couple of weekends ago and hit several wineries. The three that I really liked were Domaine Drouhin, Bella Vida, and Lange. I wish that we'd made it to Archery Summit for the cave tour (and a tasting, of course), but by the time we got around to it they were closing and we'd had our fill (if I were you I'd hit that one first).

Once you're out there there are signs pointing out the wineries all over the place (they're big and blue). You don't need them though as you could spin in any direction and see at least two or three worth checking out.

Have fun!
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I dont have any specific recommendations (having never been there) but I've consumed my fair share of Willamette Vallery wines and if I may suggest, pay particular attention to the Pinot Noirs and Pinot Gris (Grigio). IMHO this is where the region really shines. Damn few California Pinot Noirs can hold a candle to the Willemette Valley Noirs and if you want any better, you have to go to Europe. A classic example of "terroir". Enjoy yourselves!
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I've never visited, but I guzzle the 2006 Riesling from Willamette Valley Vineyards at an alarming rate.
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My previous question regarding Willamette Valley wineries provided excellent results. Have fun!
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Drouhin is fantastic, as is Cana's Feast (formerly Cuneo), but one of my faves isn't even a winery of its own. Right behind Cana's Feast is a place called the Carlton Winemakers Studio, where you will find many excellent wines, including Andrew Rich. Andrew Rich has never, in my years of tasting, produced a bad wine.

I also like Torii Mor, it's a really neat winery and they make some amazingly good wine. Lastly, I'd recommend Montinore, but then I'm biased because a friend of mine is one of their winemakers.

All of these wineries are close enough to McMinnville - Cana's Feast and the Winemakers Studio are about 10 min north. The Willamette Valley Winery Association website has maps and info on all this stuff, and any winery in the Valley will have free paper copies of this map.
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Asherah, obviously I need to learn how to SPELL the place I'm going in order to do a proper look-up. :-) Thank you for pointing that out!
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I like Erath & Sokol Blosser. Lots of other good suggestions in that other thread.
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I've never been to Owen Roe's vineyard, but I love their wine. You can call them to setup a time to visit and taste some wine. They're near Newberg which isn't too far from Hotel Oregon.
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Bibbit, you can edit the tag for future readers.
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This one comes highly recommended by my father who is quite a fan of Oregon wines : Willakenzie.
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Peep, done! Thanks.
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bibbit, Hotel Oregon is roughly one mile from where I am sitting at home typing this comment, so if you have any questions on where to eat or things to do, feel free to email me and I'll send you some options.
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Bethel Heights has amazing views and beautiful grounds. Sokol Blosser is a good spot for a picnic as well -- they have a lovely tasting room and lovely grounds. I like them because they are good, long-time Oregonians who are a bit funky. They also have a pretty neat demonstration garden out in front of the winery so you can get up and personal with the grape varieties.
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