Help me identify this fantasy novel
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About six years ago, a friend lent me a fantasy book, I'm trying to figure out what it was called. The main character was raised (and possibly summoned) by a wizard deep in the forest, near the beginning of the book the wizard's power starts to flag and the young boy has to leave. He ends up in a castle and when he hears certain words it triggers memories from his past life.
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This is really vague. Wizard, forest, castle, fantasy....not much to go on in the way of narrowing it down. If you could recall anything else at all - more plot, someone's name, the cover art - it might help.
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It doesn't sound exactly right but could it be Wizard's First Rule, by Terry Goodkind?
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I could be way off course, and my memory is kind of fuzzy, but could it be Elminster - The Making of A Mage by Ed Greenwood?
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Best answer: You might be looking for the Fortress series by C. J. Cherryh. The character is brought forth by a wizard, the wizard's power is failing and he has to go out into the world and discover his true identity.
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Response by poster: Amazing!

And from such vague clues too (a fantasy book with a wizard, well I never...)
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Not too vague, I knew exactly what you were talking about but could not remember the name. The Foreigner series by the same author is also excellent but has a totally different feel - focus on the sociology or maybe anthropology of world inhabited by two intelligent species (one human, one native) with very different emotional and logical wiring.
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