Best florist in Long Beach, CA?
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I'm on the east coast and I want to send flowers to a lady I really, really, really (did I mention "really"?) like in Long Beach, CA. Is there a great local florist that the hive mind could suggest? I suspect that a local shop could make something nicer than the national brands (FTD or 1-800-flowers).

I searched all of ask.metafilter, I swear. The closest questions I could find were posts on sending flowers to Vancouver and buying orchids in Los Angeles.
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I don't have a shop suggestion, but here are Yelp's suggestions/reviews. I love this site and its pretty well developed for the greater LA area.

Looks like Rainbows and Devynn's Garden might be what you're looking for.
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Online but i have always been really happy with Only thing to remember is the price you see does not include the shipping or gas fees - but still reasonable and great look flowers that do not die too quick.
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I've been sent flowers from Calyx before, and they're spectacular - excellent flowers, and packaged in a way that looks expensive. I was quite impressed. Not only that, but once a box of orchids sat outside my door for a day (it arrived before it was supposed to) and wilted, and when I called them they immediately sent over a replacement bouquet that I received within 24 hours free of charge.
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This place is in Anaheim; not being familiar w/California geography I am not 100% sure if she is in the right area but check out Avante Gardens. I'm a florist myself and I've gone to see the owner do shows/seminars. She and her husband both teach floral design and will be able to put together something gorgeous. This place is the cream of the crop.
posted by robinrs at 8:18 PM on June 7, 2008 is what Mr. 6:1 used when we were courting and I was far away. They were always in *great* shape upon arrival. Jacob Maarse has gorgeous arrangements and are a local favorite.
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Seconding Gorgeous tulips sent in April arrived in great shape and lasted a long time. The vase is extra, IIRC, but the least expensive was quite nice.
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For future reference: When I'm in this situation, and I need to get flowers to someone in a city I'm not familiar with, I usually call up one of the high-end hotels in the city (Ritz, Four Seasons, etc.) and ask the concierge. They're always willing to make a recommendation of a florist, and I've never been let down.
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You should be aware that if you use Proflowers, the flowers will literally be shipped in a box and she will need to assemble them herself. IE -- they won't come arranged in a vase. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something I would want to know in advance.
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I used to live around the corner from Piccolo Flowers. They always took good care of me, flowerwise.
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