A few questions related to Trance Music.
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A few questions related to Trance Music.

1) What are the best clubs in NYC to listen to Trance, Progressive House and or Goa/Trance? Webster Hall used to have a rave room but that's dead..

2) I'm diving into the world of creating dance music myself, I got a few applications like Ableton Live and Floops, now I need a good starter keyboard. What's a good model that won't eat my wallet?

3) What is the biggest and the most up to date source for raves, and similar Trance music related events online today? Most of the stuff I find is from like 2005 and going back.
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#2.) Akai's MPK49 is a pretty nice starter Midi Controller for software DAWs. It costs $400 and doesn't make any noise on its own, it needs to be hooked up to a VST / Plugin / Generator.
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Ravelinks New York is a decent source of upcoming gatherings, there used to a better listing around but I can't seem to find it. I do know that many of the big clubs when I was there have been shut down (Twilo, Limelight, Tunnel, etc) but I'm sure if you know where to look there is still plenty going on.

Unless you know how to play keyboard, you may want to look into stuff like a sampler, groovebox, drum machine, etc instead.
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NYC/East Coast rave event postings/info:
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http://www.tranceaddict.com is highly useful. The forums are extremely helpful for production stuff.
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Webster Hall still gets some really good DJs once in a while. Infected Mushroom play there a few times/year and DJ Dan and Donald Glaude just spun there recently too.

For psytrance, check out 28th Day and 6362 Metaforce - best to get on their mailing lists.

Tsunami Trance used to throw tons of psy parties at Spirit, but they have ceased for the time being.

Also check out Alex Grey's gallery, CoSM - they do monthly full moon parties with trance late into the night.

2nding NewRaveOrder for many more rave-related events listings.

Finally, get on Tribe - it's bigger on the west coast for social networking in general, but is a great resource for the east coast trance and burner scenes.
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Not sure what you consider eating your wallet, but Dave Smith of Sequential Circuits released the Prophet 08, a polyphonic analog synth with digital controlling. Considering a micromoog is $3200, this one is only $2000. If that's still too much there's the Microkorg which I highly recommend. Buy it used. Craigslist has two in the NY area for around $300.
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