Where to take medical machinery to get serviced?
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Ten year old medical machinery needs a fixin'. Where can I take it?

So I have this device called the "Mens 2000." It's a micro-current machine, not quite sure what that means/is. It's made by the Monad Corporation which doesn't seem to have a website.

The machinery is about ten years old and needs to be fixed, any MeFites in the Los Angeles area know where a product like this can be taken to get serviced?
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Monad Corp.

Electro-Tech is the only authorized repair center for Monad Corporation. Please, contact us for any repair issues at:

Electro-Tech Products, Inc.
2001 E. Gladstone Street, Bldg A
Glendora, CA 91740

Tel: (909)592-1434
Fax: (909)592-2416
E-Mail: support@monadcorp.com
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You don't know what it is, but you know it's broken?


A few moments with Google reveal a lot of woo-woo pseudoscience about microcurrents. There actually are reasons to put tiny electrical currents into some parts of the body—it can help mask nerve-originated pain. But I suspect you'd know if you were doing that, 'cause you'd have had the pain and you'd have had a doctor put this device on you and hand you the controls and tell you to fiddle with them until you found a setting that helped. If that's what happened, go call Monad. If not, you may wish to save your money.
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