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Which somewhat mature, moderately used RSS readers are under the most active development?

There's kind of an "at least" somewhat implied in there :-)
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NetNewsWire, Shrook, and PulpFiction have been delivering competitive updates back and forth for the last year. You didn't specify a platform; those are all for OS X.

Are you asking which RSS reader is the best?
posted by bcwinters at 5:56 AM on August 11, 2004

sage (formerly 'rss reader panel'). active development and works quite well in firefox on lunix, osx, and winders, in my experience.
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SharpReader has a pretty decent user base and a pretty active release history.
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My two favorite client-side RSS readers are Sharpreader (free), mentioned above, and FeedDemon, by Nick Bradbury (not free). Both are actively being developed, AFAIK. I used both on and off for awhile, but I've now switched entirely to the server-side RSS reader Bloglines.
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Is there anything in the works that will blend client/server-side rss readers? I find client side readers to be extremely functional, but its necessary that I am able to accurately track what I have read over multiple platforms in different locations. At one time it appeared that Shrook for OSx had this duality, but the web-interface seemed clunky/slow/and unreliable. Any thoughts of projects in the work? Current applications to fit the bill?
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