Recommendation for a wireless lapel microphone that works with a camcorder?
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Recommendation for a wireless lapel microphone that works with a camcorder?

I'd like get a surprise tenure gift for my brother the professor, who's crazy into making videos for his students.

He said that the one thing he lacks is a good quality microphone and he'd like one that (a) plugs into his camcorder [no idea the model], (b) is wireless, and (c) is a lapel/lav mic. He rents one like this from a video gear store he frequent.

Does anybody have any advice or recommendations? Are mic interfaces with camcorders standard? Any help's appreciated and I'd love to buy him something without asking him any more questions cause, as I said, I want ti tot be a surprise.

Thanks MeFites!
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Best answer: I have used much higher-end wireless lavs, but I bought this one from Audio-Technica (as my budget was not very high-end) and I've been pretty pleased with it. It's pretty good for a lower priced model. I have XLR inputs on mine, but it seems like it should work find with other camcorders.
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Also, ff you want to go higher end, you can't go wrong with Sennheiser.
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One more thing, assuming that he has a consumer-grade camcorder, the inputs are probably 1/8 inch. Or you could try to get in touch with the store he rents from and find out from them what model he rents. It might be helpful to him to be able to keep using the the one he is familiar with.
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We use a HiSonic HS707 at work for vido recording. I don't think it's particularly high-end, but it works pretty well with our Sony HD Camera.
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