How can I stop receiving all these catalogues?
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Catalog spam. I ordered a bed frame online, and was pleased with the result. Since then, however, I've been getting a catalog of some sort or another (Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Linens & Things, etc) almost every day - sometimes more than one. It's driving me crazy. Is there anything I can do short of changing address?
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Get in touch with the original place from which you ordered the frame and ask them to remove your name from the list that they're selling or renting. They may be renting the lists, and not selling them, which means that getting off their list will eliminate the catalogs from the other companies.
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Also, add your name and address to the Marketing Preference Service provided by the Direct Marketing Association.
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assuming usia, as a last (or first!) resort: usps form 1500. yes, it says it's for pornography/obscenity, but a much looser interpretation is also popular.

("Postmasters may not refuse to accept a Form 1500 because the advertisement in question does not appear to be sexually oriented. Only the addressee may make that determination.")
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most catalogs have a 1800 number to call to stop receiving them. (pottery barn's is 1.800.541.1262) expect the usual pain in the ass dealing with CS to get off the mailing list, but they will do it.
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