Furniture suggestions in Chicago suburbs
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Furniture store suggestions in Chicago Suburbs

I'm looking mostly for good quality furniture at reasonable prices. I already saw Dania and it looks like a good place to go, but I want others. I have been to Ashley Furniture as well. If you also have suggestions for finding furniture online please let me know.
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There's always IKEA.
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IKEA is always a standby option... Just looking for any other options which might be of better quality. Looking mostly for a sofa and loveseat.
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There's a nice place called Affordable Portables if you don't mind coming towards the actual city.
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Naked furniture has unfinished furniture (though they can finish it for you I believe). They also have a website which I have used. The actual store is in the suburbs.
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There's also an Affordable Portables in Evanston.

Depending on your definition of reasonable, you really can't go wrong with Crate and Barrel. It's not the cheapest, but you absolutely get what you pay for. I'm fairly comfortable stating that the two IKEA couches you could buy with the amount of money you'd put into one Crate couch won't last nearly as long.

Somewhere in-between is CB2, nicer than IKEA, cheaper than Crate. You'll have to go into the city though.
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In the interest of full disclosure, I probably should have mentioned that I work for Crate and Barrel. As an act of contrition, here are some links to our competitors:

Scandinavian Designs
Room and Board
Design Within Reach
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My house might as well be a Room and Board showroom. Very good quality; A++ would recommend again. But the prices aren't always so reasonable.

(On the flip, I can never recommend IKEA's quality for "real" furniture.)
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Good suggestions- How's the prices at Affordable Portables? I can definitely head into the city to check out these places. Looks like Naked Furniture is in the suburbs of Detroit, so I probably won't make it there. I am going to check out Crate & Barrel, but their stuff just seems a little high... I think I'd like to purchase a Sofa/Loveseat/+a couple side tables for between $1500-$2000, and it looks like I could really only get the sofa for that at C&B. Thanks to all, and feel free to keep the suggestions coming...
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Affordable Portables was really good, at least at the Clark and Diversey (more or less) store. Some of the furniture is more cheaply made (my wardrobe has seen better days after 2 years), but I got a good platform bed and futon there.

CB2 has some good quality glass/metal furniture pieces. Westelm I've never bought from, but its a Ikea/CB2 competitor from the Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn group.

Naked furniture is in downer's grove it appears. I got a kitchen table I really like there (via internet order).
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If you're willing to travel to a close suburb, Domicile in Evanston (or Lincolnwood) has sofas for around $800 and chairs for close to $400-500. I'm already a big fan of Scandinavian Designs in Skokie and Dania as well. Also awesome is Cassona in Evanston (only a fraction of what is in their store is online).
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I've been pleased with purchases at both of these stores:

Darvin Furniture in Orland Park

Turk Furniture in Joliet
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