What are some creative uses for my unusable staircase?
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What are some creative uses for my unusable staircase?

Due to the strange layout of the house in which I am now living, there is quite a long staircase in the middle of my apartment that I will never use to get up to the next floor. As the staircase is smack in the middle of my apartment, there's a lot of unused space.

I've already used some of the stairs as a bookshelf and some as a liquor cabinet, but there are about 12 empty steps. What are some creative uses for these steps? I'd love ideas that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing....

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I should maybe add that the staircase leads to a locked door and a stranger's apartment. It doesn't need to be clear for fire egress or any other commerce between the apartments.
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Put box planters on each step, so it looks like you have steps of grass/living things.
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Set of drawers, like on a boat. How could would that be?

And if don't really use the stairs, you can label what's in them either on the stair itself or on the wall.
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I would add plants too, but trailing ones that cascade down the stairs or off the sides of the stair case. You'd need to work out how to water them since you probably wouldn't be able to walk up there, maybe a squirt bottle with a tube sticking out like they use for hanging plants.
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Water feature.
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bookshelf? that could be very cool.
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....i can read, i swear. so, let's just say i meant "fill the stairs with books" instead of a sometime bookshelf.

and for some credibility, how about assorted picture frames and tchotchkes? that'd lend an eclectic feel to the place.
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Sheet of plywood, a hose, and a Slip-n-Slide.
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Are the stairs enclosed or are they open on one or both sides?
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i like the idea of plants. also, if you can get some pretty boxes, it would be great storage space for out-of-season clothes and shoes, as well as papers like birth certificates, old tax returns, and all the other crap we all carry around with us but only need to get at once or twice a year.
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Ok, forget what I said. LionIndex wins.
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It sounds like it's a straight stairway, rather than one that has a bend?

When I was young and my parents recently divorced, my dad live in a house that had a stairway like this. An old mansion had been divided up into apartments. I used those stairs as a hideaway. I read, I daydreamed, and I pondered such unmentionables as Why is there no toilet paper in this house?, What's government cheese, and why does Dad's housemate have some?, and "Gosh that housemate throws up a lot!"

So, if there's any way you can make this into some kind of retreat area, that'd rock. Right now I'm picturing some kind of tapestry covered over the bottom of the stairs, hanging from the ceiling to make a division. A small altar to something or someone--Elvis, God, Bhuddha A CD player. Pillows. Candles. A a sturdy platform rigged up in some manner, so you weren't sitting on stairs. Maybe envision a box with the same measurements as the staircase and then put upside-down*. A basket of yarn and knitting needles. Snacks. A copy of "The Miracle of Mindfulness"

A secret lair!

*I can't figure out how to describe this in words. Think 3-D Tetris.
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See THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH with Marilyn Monroe. They had the same layout ("A stairway to nowhere! I think that's just elegant.") and decorated it in some interesting ways.
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Well, I would make excited squealy noises and go fishtank crazy, but, uh, that's probably not very book-compatible, is it.

I would suggest you browse Apartment Therapy for ideas - a bit pretentious sometimes, but they do provide a lot of ideas for the creative use of space, often from apartment dwellers themselves.
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Photos tend to look really cool arranged like that.

I would be tempted to secure a roll of butcher paper to the top, then draw/write, pull, when it gets to the bottom, wrip, repeat.
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From Apartment Therapy: staircase bookshelves
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I would carpet them thickly and have sex on them.

I miss having a carpeted staircase to romp on, they are fun!
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I meant the remaining 12 stairs, obviously... just in case that wasn't clear.
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Cascading aquariums? The sort where the water from the top aquarium flows into the aquarium below.
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oh just thought of another use ... mount a basketball hoop at the top ... ta da .. you have an 'automatic' ball return :)
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