How do I rotate images using javascript?
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Having trouble with javascript. How do I rotate two images using javascript?

I might be going about this all wrong, since I'm having trouble getting this to work. I've searched google but can't find anything thats close enough to what I'm doing.

All I need to do is have two images rotate on a web page. One of the images needs to be clickable to a url, and the other should have no link.

Ideally I'd like to have two div's with ID's that swap, but thats not important if thats not the best way.

I tried to use this as a guide, but ran into problems since I don't want one of the images to be clickable.
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Best answer: I haven't tested the code but I found this example that seems to do what you want.

If it doesn't, let me know. I have a JS book at home that has a script for this in it, but I'm obviously not at home :)
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Response by poster: That did the trick - thanks!
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You can easily do this with DOM manipulation. You should target a parent element, like a div or whatever with an id (use getelementbyid), delete its children, then add the necessary anchor and img elements each time you rotate.
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too late!
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