Can I remove the insoles of Adidas sneakers?
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Can I remove the insoles of Adidas sneakers?

I'm looking to buy a new pair of Adidas sneakers that have removable insoles. Now in most of the Adidas shoes I've looked at, you can kind of lift of the insole but it appears to be glued to the shoe. Can I just rip off the insole and put in a pair of Superfeet (Green) insoles? Or will this damage the shoe somehow?

If it matters, I'm thinking of getting the Adidas Porsche CMF or Porsche S2.
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I don't see why you couldn't. Once my brother came of age and his feet started smelling like dead animals, he ripped the insoles out of all his shoes and plunked in new ones. No Adidas in his lineup, though, so YMMV.
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If they're glued down, you'll have significant trouble pulling them out. I have destroyed at least two pairs of shoes doing this so I can get my orthotics into them. If the shoes are deep enough (although from experience, Adidas are often shallower and narrower than other brands) you might be able to stick the insoles in on top (sometimes going half a size bigger can help with this too).
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I have a pair of Adidas running shoes, purchased because they run shallow and narrow as cholly pointed out above. I replaced the insoles with "athletic" insoles, and now they are slightly too tight, so be aware that the difference in thickness between the Adidas insole and the replacement might change the fit.

Also, it was hard to find replacement insoles where the arch support of the insole matched up with the Adidas' arch support.

Once you start the ripping process (or have your dogs start it for you...), it's not that hard to continue pulling, and it doesn't damage the structure of the shoe. At least, it didn't on my pair.
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