What to do in Newark before the LSAT?
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NewarkFilter: My friend is taking the LSAT at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, NJ, on June 16. She's coming from Brooklyn and the test starts at 12:30pm. What's the best and least stressful way to get there, and where can she hang out for a few hours before the test, since she's going extra early in case there's a transportation delay?
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I realize Brooklyn isn't that far from Newark, but I would strongly suggest she get a hotel the night before in Newark. Her LSAT score will make or break what law school she gets into, every point counts, and it's an endurance test. She shouldn't be wasting her energy and focus navigating public transport and then hanging out for a few hours until the test starts. Now is not the time to try and save $150. I realizing I'm not answering your question, but the LSAT is about maintaining mental focus for a long period of time and this just screams disaster waiting to happen.
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Getting there is simple: PATH train from WTC to Newark Penn Station. The hotel is few blocks from there. Can't help much with the second question. My strategy would be to find a lunch place that opens early and camp there.
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The Robert Treat is a very nice hotel in downtown Newark. It's in a nice area, and is pretty close to restaurants, and it's only 3-4 blocks away from the Rutgers campus. There's a nice cafe on New St. just south of washington, the name of which evades me. There's also a nice BBQ (portugese/brazillian) further south on New. On Halsey right around there is the Daily Soup, which is an ok place to hang out before a test and grab some food. One could also hang out in Military Park or Washington Park, or perhaps over by the Performing Arts Center. All are fine places to hang out if the weather's nice.

As for getting there, Newark is in fact not that far, and could be considered another borough for all of our purposes. Least stressful way to get there probably involves either the NJ Transit NEC train or the PATH, both of which drop you off at Newark Penn Station. It's a quick (less than 10 minute) walk up Raymond boulevard and down Park Pl. to the Robert Treat.
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Not a place to hang out or transportation suggestion, but doing a dry run on another Saturday, at the same time, followed by scoping out where the restrooms were at the test site were and figuring out the places where registration was likely to be, seriously decreased the stress for me when I was getting ready for mine.
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I'd second what whoaali said in the first comment upthread. Even though it's very close, putting your fate in the hands of greater NYC-area mass transit is not an especially great idea in this situation. Hotel near the test venue is what I'd recommend as well.
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I third what whoaali said. She should spring for a night in a hotel room right next to where it's being held, then she can get plenty of sleep, have a leisurely breakfast, maybe a walk in the sun beforehand, not have to deal with any distractions... these things mean points, and every point is important.
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