What's the best book to buy for learning Flash?
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What's the best book to buy for learning Flash?

I'm leaving for a cross-country trip on Sunday, from Florida to California. The new job that is my destination will allow me to use a lot of Flash, if I can learn to do it well and quickly. I'm typically good at learning software if I just sit and tinker with it for a few days, but I won't have that option, since I don't have a laptop with me to practice on during the trip.

I am a Flash amateur. I can create very basic buttons, make simple motion tweens, fade things from transparent to opaque. Occasionally I can manage not to bungle up sound in a presentation, but anything beyond the basic creation and possibly fading in and out of the sound is out of my depth.

It would be nice to be well on the way toward putting something like this together when I get to my destination and sit down in front of Flash MX.

I would like to read a book that will give me a next-best-thing-to-hands-on familiarity with Flash and ActionScript, and ideally serve as a solid, comprehensive reference after I'm done.

Any ideas?
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Colin Moock's ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition focuses on both the syntax of Actionscript and the underlying programmatic concepts. It won't teach you how to draw artwork in Flash, but it's a solid reference.
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I would second the Moock book. hands down the best book out there, you can't get a better ref book.

It may be a bit too codecentric if you are really starting out.

flash mx 2004 actionscript by derek franklin/jobe makar is not bad and is very example based.

the Moock book MUST go into your library sometime.
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We swear by Friends of Ed here. The "Foundation" books (i've linked to the MX 2004 version) are excellent if you're a neophyte. Add the Action Script one (though the first book linked has a bit on AS) and you'll be good to go.
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for a basic good step-by-step (no scripting or anything like that, i don't think), there's Peachpit's Flash Visual Quickstart Guide

They're good for most software, i find, and have more advanced titles too.
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I teach Flash for a living, and I second jalexei's suggestion of the Frieds of Ed books. Buy "Foundation Flash MX 2004" and "Foundation Actionscript for Flash MX 2004."

Colin Mook's book, "Actionscript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition," is great -- but not for beginners.
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