Who is the equivalent to Anselm Adams today?
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Which living landscape photographer's work can be compared to Anselm Adams' stunning photography? Perhaps Edward Burtynsky (or Andreas Gursky - although he manipulates his images)... ?
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Don't have a definitive answer for you, but...didn't Adams also manipulate his images? I guess it depends on what you would call manipulating.
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I've never heard of Anselm Adams - I'm not really into landscape photography (although I can appreciate it!) but my ex-boyfriend is into it and his favorite photographer is Colin Prior, who works mainly in Scotland I believe. My ex is also much better than he gives himself credit for - his website is here.

May not be what you're looking for but thought I'd throw in my two-cents.
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I really like Sam Javanrouh. But truthfully I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a photographer that doesn't manipulate their work in some way.

It's "Ansel", by the way,
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There are a lot of people working in the style of Adams, if that's what you mean. People like Bruce Barnbaum, or Ronald Wohlauer. But if you are looking for great landscape that has moved on from Adams, perhaps look at Toshio Shibata, Joel Sternfeld, Larry Schwarm, Richard Misrach, Michael Kenna. That's a start.
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I would go with Clyde Butcher but Mr. Adams shoes are really really large to fill....and IMO there is no equal. Shucks! the man INVENTED the Zone system in the 40's!
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I think Scott Peterman creates stunning, very textural landscape photography (disclaimer - he has been a great friend for over 20 years).
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Sally Gall
Craig McMaster
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It's well known that Ansel Adams spent a lot of time in the darkroom retouching highlights and shadows. Nothing wrong with that.
There are so many great landscape photographers. To find an equivilent to Adams, how about one of his students? John Sexton.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the suggestions!

Of course I am aware that almost all photography relies on manipulation. My reference to Gursky was to highlight my interest in a more documentary style of photography à la Adams.
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I don't know about "documentary style" but if you're talking about landscapes and pristine images/prints, I think of Howard Bond. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to have much of a web presence.
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Some other important landscape photographers are:

* John Sexton
As has been mentioned, Sexton was a student of Adams' and is is very obvious in his work.

* The Muench Brothers

* Galen Rowell
Pioneered a new style of landscape photography wherein he was an active participant in the landscape. Also one of the first to use small cameras (as far as I know anyway) for really serious landscape photography.

* Art Wolfe
Really incredible photographer. His book, "Edge of the Earth, Corner of the Sky" is incredible.
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Oh, duh -- I should have mentioned Freeman Patterson.
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Seconding Galen Rowell
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