Alternatives to Yahoo Pipes, please.
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I'd like set up an RSS feed which offers results of a search from news feeds I've selected. Alternatives to Yahoo Pipes, please.

I've tried Yahoo Pipes, but I've found it a bit inflexible, and keeps timing out especially when there's a certain amount of feeds to combine and filter at the same time. Trying to cut it down using RSS Mix confuses it even more.

I've tried doing searches on the feeds by adding them to Bloglines, but the search only on own feeds service seems to be broken.

Basically, I'd like something as flexible as Google News or Blog searches (and which can create the resulting RSS feed) but which only looks at the hundred or so RSS feeds I'm choosing rather than everything.

Does this make sense?
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You can create folders in Google Reader and do a search within a folder (including the starred items folder), but I don't think you can select multiple folders for one search.
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Response by poster: Yep, know about that, but I really like Bloglines and wanted to have the results delivered in there.
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xFruits may work.

...found doing a google search for Yahoo Pipes alternatives.
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Might also look at Popfly (from that same page of google results).
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