How do I get rid of the file that won't go away?
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Why won't this file go away in Vista's DVD burner?

I'm running Vista and I'm trying to burn a DVD using the built in DVD burner. I burnt this one DVD a month ago or so, but for some reason this on DVD .vob file won't burn. I try to remove it but it keeps saying I don't have permission. Every DVD I've tried to burn since I've been having problems as it insists there is no DVD or that there's something wrong with the disk and it says I don't have permission when I just try to burn that file itself.

My question is - how do I get rid of this file so I can burn other DVDs?
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Try deleting everything in:
C:\Users\(your name)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Burn\Temporary Burn Folder
posted by Inspector.Gadget at 9:26 PM on May 24, 2008

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