Simple French-language booklets for Kenyan French teacher of elementary students?
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On a recent trip to Kenya, we visited a school who is in need of simple French language instruction booklets for elementary-age children.

Most all of the language guides I've found are texts along the dense hardback or college variety, or come on DVD which wouldn't be at all feasible. Any ideas? They already know English. Just some simple, basic French core grammar structuring and lessons. They've recently been loaded up with young refugees fleeing from nearby French-speaking countries and are hoping to teach some to English-speaking kids. The teachers are very intelligent and college-educated but lack the resources I've got.
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Best answer: I wasn't all that successful at finding grammar books (although an Amazon search for 'french grammar kids' yielded some possibilities), but there is quite a bit under french children's books -- which might adaptable to grammar lessons with a resourceful teacher and more certainly interesting for the kids.
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Best answer: You can find a few French language education book at Gutenberg.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your help folks! Gutenberg had completely slipped my mind.

Someone else also emailed me and it looks like we're getting under way. Thanks!
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