Where to buy furniture/home accessories online for small spaces?
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Furniture for small spaces: Somewhere on the internet, there exists a hip little home furniture/accessories store with products designed specifically for those living in tiny dwellings. Do you know what it is?

I, of course, failed to bookmark it. Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: Two links for the price of one.
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Zero-footprint furniture (prototype).
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yes, follow TTT's link through to Tiny Living. It's a great store to visit- it's a small hole-in-the-wall to help exemplify the practicality of its wares- and their online store seems to have an even wider selection.
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It's not terribly hip, but this store has some nice, smaller scale furniture.
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To echo TryTheTilapia, the Apartment Therapy blog covers home design, organization, furnishings, etc. with a bias toward small dwellings. (If you ask me, though, there's also a bias towards large budgets.)
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Maybe you're thinking of Tiny Living?
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A few more possibilities: Del-Teet, UrbanaRue, and Rowe Furniture's MiniMod.
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Room and Board seems to have a lot of smaller scale sofas and chairs. I know this because I love their stuff but have been looking (with frustration) for larger-scale pieces.
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I really wish there was someone out there designing furniture that took advantage of taller ceilings. I've lived in some pretty cramped apartments in my time, and I could never understand why it was impossible to find a desk with a hutch that went up 7' with shelves built into it. I mean, that's just a no-brainer! All that dead space above short bookshelves, short desks, etc. -- it's crazy. And a lot of leases forbid adding things like shelves, so if it can't be done with furniture, it can't be done. All I see out there these days are ugly shelving "systems" that don't amount to much more than some metal tubes and a couple of flat boards that look like they belong in a workshop, not a living room.
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Response by poster: Tiny Living was the place I was thinking of. Thanks for all the other suggestions, too!
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