Is there a generic form of the sleep aid medicine Restoril (temazepam)?
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My prescription is ourageous for brand name temazepam and my pharmacy doesn't offer any generics of it. Why would one pharmacy carry it and others not? Where can I find it.
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Costco's online pharmacy has it. If you're near a Costco, they probably have it at the brick-and-mortar pharmacy as well. You don't need a membership to use the pharmacy, just go to the membership desk and ask for a (free) day pass that will allow you to go to their pharmacy.
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I got the generic from a CVS in Philadelphia. I'm sure you could order from CVS online or go to an actual store.
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You can get it at Sam's Club or Walmart. It is very cheap.
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Have you tried politely asking your pharmacy to carry it?
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