Is it legal to paint a trademarkedcopyrighted/patented product as art and sell it?
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Is it legal for an artist to paint/draw a product (ex: iPod) as part of an artwork and sell it? Are there laws/precedents regarding this? Thanks.
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Go for it. Heck, just glue one to a gallery wall.
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Supplemental question: Is it legal to release a photograph into the public domain if it contains one or more trademarked images/company logos/product images/etc.? What about if it was taken in a public place, like Tokyo or Times Square?
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According to a thread I read on the other day, sure. If you're not commercializing it, ie. it's a one-off commission. No-one's going to be upset if Fluffies is holding her toybone; they will be upset if the toybone is "Warhol'd" like a soupcan.
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Hmmm. Your followup makes it sound like it skirts the commercialization angle. But if you're not profiting, is it commercial?
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Unless your making more than ten thousand dollars off said works, don't sweat it.
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There just was a big case concerning Barbie dolls in (art) photographs. Google for it, because i think it was a very broad ruling, and there'll be links to other cases that were referenced. It was ruled legal. The worst that can happen is that the manufacturer gets upset, but the law'll be on your side.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your insights, everyone. Will make art now.
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In light of Andy Warhol's Cambells soup cans, it would seem legally fine.
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Where did I just read about a guy who painted the google home page, 15 feet high, and ended up selling it to google for a huge sum?
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The art of Chris Woods.

I'd say you're in the clear.
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