Mount Shasta Fun!
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What is there to do when visiting Mount Shasta and Siskiyou County?

I plan on spending 3 days there late next month. I would not consider myself to be an outdoorsman, yet would be interested in hot springs, hikes, nature walks, good restaurants, bookstores and more. Also would love to check out a local farmer's market or 2 if any are going on.
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There are some incredible lava tubes up at Lava Beds National Monument. Very large, with 1930s era CCC paths through them.
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Lava Beds is awesome. Also has caves that haven't been sanitized/well-lit for your protection. (Take a flashlight and a hard hat.) It's a bit of a drive, though.

I haven't been there myself, but I hear good things about Lake Shasta Caverns. Also, the Turtle Bay Museum in Redding is really pretty great, for Redding.
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Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay is pretty impressive and a quick stop. There's Mossbrae Falls, which are quite pretty and Shasta Springs nearby. Perhaps Klamath National Forest as well.
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The Klamath Basin is cool. I've only been there in the winter, but the wildlife refuge should still have some wildlife. There are petroglyphs, and hikes, and birds. Agree on the Lava Beds - wild scenery there. A bit of a drive from Shasta, though.
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