What is the best overall pitch-shifting plug-in for Pro Tools LE (Windows)?
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AudioRecordingFilter: What is the best overall pitch-shifting plug-in for Pro Tools LE (Windows)?

I admit I am a dumb ass here with this situation. I have again written an entire tune, all parts recorded except for vocals, and discovered that the key I recorded everything in is less than ideal for me to sing. Sure, if I was just playing on guitar I could slap a capo on it, but it's a bit late for that. Likewise, if it was all midi data - no problem. But it ain't.

Outside of rerecording everything (or pitch shifting the whole tune in its entirety, which never really sounds good), all I can think of is pitch shifting all the non-drum tracks. Since I think I only have to shift it a semitone, it might still sound decent. IF - i had a badass plugin that will shift the tone decently and maintain the rhythmic accuracy. I've used Antares for vox before to some extent, and mucked a little with Melodyne Uno, but I don't think that will do the trick here.

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Its been a while since I used Pro Tools, but can't you just apply one of the pitch shift plugins you already have to each of the non-drum tracks and see how it sounds? Sorry if you've already tried that, but in case you haven't, it can't hurt anything to give it a shot, its not like you can't undo it.
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Response by poster: yeah, they're not the best. I hear the new Melodyne is supposed to be pretty bad ass but I haven't used it.
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