Kitchen repair dominoes.
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Why is my 6-10 yr old Kenmore Dishwasher not draining?

The long dreamed of installation of a garbage disposal in our kitchen was declared Mission Accomplished this morning when I completed the unplanned/unbudgeted stub projects that (de)evolved over the last 24 hours consisting of a new sink, new water supply/stop valves, new drains and new faucet projects that piled on to the initial "oh I can do this in 2 hours" disposal install that I began yesterday afternoon. I am a fool, and I admit it without reservation. However it's all installed, nothing leaks, looks acceptable/etc, and I am likely to survive the night and return to the good graces of my wife, cats and dog when they regain use of the kitchen.

There's one tiny problem. The dishwasher is not draining. The final test phase of the new kitchen set up was to test the dishwasher. I opened the dishwasher, and it's full of water after it's cycle.

The normal procedure for diagnosing these types of problems appears to be make sure the drain tube is not kinked and that it's running to the proper spot.

Here's the set up:

Double sink, drains from sink A goes in to drain pipe that runs to a T joint that is attached to the outlet of the disposal. The dishwasher drain is attached to the appropriate pot on the disposal. The bottom of the T join connects to your standard P trap which in turn connects to the sewer/drain outlet emerging from the wall. All appears to be right in the world, and I may be flattering myself but it's a clean install with no wackiness in the plumbing from that angle.

So any thoughts, kinked hoses aside, as to where the problem is? The device sounds like it's pumping at the appropriate time in it's cycle. What are the check points for a busted washer of dishes.

I am thinking it's unlikely, but completely inline with my luck on this project, that the dishwasher decided to go for a walk. Short of calling Sears to come out and give it a look over what can I do to investigate?
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I neglected to knock out the plug, noted @ instruction 2B in the install instructions, missing the GO BACK AND DO THIS STEP noted at 8A in the instructions.

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Glad to help.
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I'm sorry dude, but...yeah, we've all done this. Good luck with your new disposer et al.
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