My cup runneth over
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I am a web developer, and was working for 9 mos for a large corporation as an outside contractor paid through an agency. Good company, great job and better still, they hired me a month ago as a full time employee, with benefits, corner office--all the trimmings. The Employee handbook says new hires get to fill a cup with their urine since its a "drug free workplace" but rehires don't. After that an existing employee can only be (re)tested for just cause. In short: I was given a job offer and I accepted. I went through orientation a leisurely 3 weeks and 1.5 paychecks later, but its now been a month and they still haven't asked me to fill the cup. My urine would be clean as of today. When can I safely assume the time to appropriately ask me to fill the cup has expired? I really miss burning the rope...
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Can't you just bring it up in conversation to your manager, in a due-diligence sort of way:

"Hey, I was looking at the handbook the other day to make sure I've filled all the forms out that I need to, and I noticed the drug testing section.. Should I get that done sooner rather than later in order to finish my 'hiring process'"?

Then, he'll say yes (or no) and you'll get a date, and soon enough you'll be burnin' the rope.
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Good advice, mbatch. I would add that if it's a large enough corporation (>100 people?), you could just email HR directly and remind them that your new hire binder is still incomplete.
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