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Other than the front page of MetaFilter, can anyone recommend any community weblogs or other blogs/forums focusing on the subject of politics? I know this has been covered many times before, but I appreciate any links anyone cares to share.
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Left, right, or neutral?
posted by ALongDecember at 12:55 PM on August 5, 2004

Almost all of the other bloggers from the recent Democratic National Convention are political. You can see a list of them [plus others usually] at conventionbloggers.com, Technorati's politics page and Feedster's politics page. These are mostly US politics, fyi.
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Daily Kos
Talk Left
Political Wire

*note: all of the above sites are to the left*
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I usually recommend Kim du Toit as a good example of what the average right winger thinks of the day's issues.

Because I'm an asshole.
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Response by poster: ALongDecember: All political leanings are welcomed -- but especially interested in political community sites a la Metafilter, as opposed to single or small group authored political weblogs.
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simply indispensable
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Left: Washington Monthly (aka Kevin Drum)

Middle: Spinsanity

Right: Andrew Sullivan
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Talking Points Memo is one of my favorites.
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Political or Rightfully Funny? I laughed it up, thanks matteo.
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In what possible way is Spinsanity considered "middle"? Every article on its front page is a criticism of the Dems. I'll admit it was mighty refreshing to read sensible, calm criticism... but it isn't balanced.
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Plastic: The Metafilter.com it's okay to talk politics at.
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Kos is good because it has the diaries function, and if enough people like what you right it might get bumped up to the front page wihch is kind of cool.

I miss warfilter, though. Wish it had caught on.
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Response by poster: Just to revisit my own thread/question:

Thanks for the suggestions. This thread motivated me start yet another Metafilter clone: Devoter.com - the community weblog devoted to politics. ie PoliticalFilter. :)
posted by jca at 1:17 PM on August 16, 2004

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