Best translation of Marcus Aurelius' Meditations
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What is the best English translation of Marcus Aurelius' Meditations out there, and why?
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Depends on what you want it for; as with many classical works, there's an essential tension between literalist translation and rendering of the style.

My own personal favorite is A.S.L. Farquharson's translation (first published 1944, available nicely-bound in the Everyman's Library edition), based almost entirely on the flowing prose he produces in Book II.

Maxwell Staniforth's (1960s, I believe Penguin still has it in print) translation and Gregory Hays' (2000s, Modern Library IIRC) translations are also well-spoken of.

And, hey, you can always learn Greek and read it in the original... :)
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I haven't read the others, but Gregory Hays is very interesting, accessible and well written and gives a lot of interesting background and notes for almost every line.
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Seconding the Hays translation. His version is very clear and readable, with lots of notes. In addition, he very clearly indicates where a fragment is lost, untranslatable, or in contention, and usually includes an explanation in the notes explaining why.
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Way late to the party, but definitely the Hays Modern Library translation. In a pinch the Penguin Classics will do, but the Hays translation is better.
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