Getting to a Marlins game
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I'm spending next week in Ft. Lauderdale, and plan on going to see a Marlins game sometime during the week. I'd prefer to take some sort of public transit to the stadium, but the Marlin's site doesn't mention anything about it. Is there some relatively safe/reliable way to get there without having to drive myself? If so, where's the best place to park to get on the transit? My big reason to want to go this way is to avoid stadium traffic, so I'd like to catch a bus or whatever far enough from the stadium so as to avoid that.
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The Marlins average about 5000 fans a game. Stadium traffic is a non-issue. I've never been there but I'm pretty sure I've read that one of the reasons they are building a new stadium is that the current stadium is out in the burbs surrounded by a sea of concrete parking, and not much else. That plus the weak fan support does not bode well for multiple transport options.

However, I doubt driving will be a hassle.
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Public transportation in Broward/Dade county (Pretty much florida) is terrible. The routes for buses stink and they just don't have enough to have a decent schedule. The only commuter train that people use is the TriRail, I'm not sure if they have connecting bus routes, you would have to look that up. Both counties have their bus routes posted online as well as times.

I've been to a Marlin's game this year and traffic is really not an issue. I would just opt for driving myself, or to take a taxi if you really don't want to drive.
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There will be nothing but public bus service, at best. However there is no way to take a single bus system from Ft. Lauderdale (eastern Broward County) to the stadium (northern Miami-Dade County). So, if it's even possible to take a bunch of connecting buses, it would take around a couple of hours. It's completely not worth it.

Take 595 (west) to the Turnpike (south) and get off at the stadium exit, it will be worlds faster and easier.
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You would have to take Tri-Rail (closest stop near Fort Lauderdale is, I think, the Hollywood Station on Hollywood Blvd and I-95.) Then you'd have to switch to the Metrorail and then take a bus down to the stadium. Like others have said, the transportation system in South Florida is awful. It'll probably take an hour and half to two hours and there's no guarantee that Tri-Rail will stay on schedule (They have regular delays of up to 45 minutes.) Just drive.
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