Paint thinner smells bad and I want it off.
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Anybody good at removing paint thinner from untreated wood?

Had a small spill of paint thinner (varsol) on an untreated birch counter. Now, of course, there's a patch that smells like paint thinner and feels greasy as well.

Hemp-based soap didn't work, despite it usually being excellent at removing petroleum products. Right now I have clay cat litter sitting on it, but if that doesn't pull it out I'd like to know if anybody has any alternatives to try.
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Murphy's Oil Soap, which will also condition the wood surface. There are stronger products, but this is what I'd reach for first.
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If it was clean paint thinner, my hunch is that after leaving the kitty litter a while, if you just let it dry out for a few days the smell will go away. That stuff just naturally evaporates. Basically, I think the stuff is soaked into maybe the top half millimeter of wood, and you just have to give it time to wick out and evaporate. I wouldn't bother with the soap yet, because I don't think that will draw it to the surface and remove it.
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Well, if it really is unfinished and nothing takes it off you can always sand the top layer just slightly, it should take pretty much any non-penetrating stain out right away.
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Paint thinner is very penetrative. But it's also very volatile. I'd just leave it sit for a while. Sitting a desk lamp on the counter, lighting up the spot, will warm it and help it evaporate a little faster.

Untreated wood just loves to soak things up. Keeping an untreated wood counter pristine is not a battle I'd choose to fight.
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flabdablet: "Untreated wood just loves to soak things up. Keeping an untreated wood counter pristine is not a battle I'd choose to fight."

The cat litter seems to have done something. It's not as nasty as it was. We'll wait on it a couple days and see.

(We're not trying to keep it pristine, either. Just not on the vile side of stinking).
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Oooo, nice scorchmark!

If you put a pot that hot down on top of your paint thinner, I bet it would be gone in 15 minutes :-)

A boiling-temperature pot sat on top of your cat litter spread would probably help things along without scorching, too.
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