Best route to get from the PCH / Santa Monica to LAX?
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Best route to get from the PCH / Santa Monica to LAX?

Santa Monicans, please help. My girlfriend is headed to LAX to pick up her sister tonight via the PCH. Flight lands at 7. Google maps says to take the 10 to the 405 which sounds like a traffic nightmare. Is taking Lincoln a better option? I recognize that traffic will be sucky no matter what at this time of day, so I'm looking for the lesser of evils here. Thanks!
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Best answer: I would take Lincoln. I doubt it can be slower than the freeway, and it's more direct.
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Best answer: second lincoln.
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reminder that if she takes lincoln, and wants to head back that way, when exiting the airport take the turn for sepulveda north exit, and sepulveda forks off onto lincoln at the far side of the airport. This threw off a friend last week.
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Check If the 405 is clear, take the 405. If its past 7, you're golden. But as a former santa monican, I have tested it. After 7 (with confirmation of sigalert), take the 405...otherwise, lincoln.
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Response by poster: thanks, guys.
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Definitely Lincoln, which becomes Sepulveda. At least the traffic moves, unlike the 405 that time of day. You might think of cutting over to the ocean after Marina del Rey but that would be more trouble than it's worth, that's out of the way.
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Yep, Lincoln is your best bet. The 405 is a royal mess.
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