Should I file a claim for hail damage?
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My car has a few dings in it from a hailstorm last night. Should I file a claim with my insurance?

I drive a 2006 BMW 330i, and I have two or three dings on the roof, and one or two on the hood. My comprehensive deductible is $500 . Is it worth it for me to submit a claim? How much is it likely going to cost me to get it fixed?
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Paintless dent removal may work, try calling around and getting a specialist to look at it. I'd say for 5 dings probabably around $300-400.
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if it was this hailstorm here in austin last night, it's probably pretty bad.

many times insurance companies will deem a vehicle with extensive hail damage a total loss.
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When I lived in Orlando (long ago) there was a huge hailstorm and a lot of the insurance companies set up easy-claim/drive-thru claim stations, and had mobile repair companies doing the work. It was basically $100 to fix all the dents as long as they were paintless fixable.

Call them and see what's up, if it was bad enough they've probably already contracted out to some repair stations.
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My car was parked outside in the peak area of the hailstorm in Austin all last night and you can't even tell except one tiny ding. So, if that was where his car was hit, it very well may not be anywhere near a total loss.

Warning--some "paintless" repair places will end up screwing up your paint. So go to a reputable place. Contact your insurance and see who they work with directly.
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Some BMW dealerships offer dent removal as a service, so I'd go there first. I don't think it's universal, but I know that my local dealership has flyers hawking the service.
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From Ms. Vegetable - before sending in an insurance claim, talk to your agent (if you have one) - he/she should know how it will affect your rates. For instance, some insurance companies can and do increase rates for not-at-fault comprehensive claims (which this would be). There may be a threshold for what the insurance company has to pay out before it impacts your premium, too. Texas may have specifics about these types of claims; the department of insurance would know that (as I do not).
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Yes, it was in Austin in the middle of the worst area. If the total estimate is going to end up being around $500 for 5 dings, I don't see any point in making a claim.
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