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Anyone want to go to a secret invite-only Har Mar Superstar gig in London tonight?

I have an invite, but I'm ill, and over 100 miles from London. Basically it's a name at the door affair, so you should be able to say you're me, and you and a friend can get in (it's for two people). Of course, this probably wouldn't work for two women, as I have a man's name.

If anyone seriously wants to give it a go (and Har Mar has a legendary life performance), you can find my e-mail address in my MeFi profile, and I'll give you the location, the time (it's tonight), and the name.. and you can go have the time of your life. I'm just p***ed off I can't go!!
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Response by poster: Oh, and I guess I should say.. first come first served, there's no point in me giving everyone the details as you're not bound to be lucky :-)
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I saw Har Mar a couple years ago in Houston with some friends. Didn't know he was an international act these days.

If you'll forgive me, gotta tell a funny story about the show.

Har Mar came on after Atom and His Package and before someone else, who's name I forget. This was a local guy, and his act was basically some funk samples that he controlled with a foot-pedal, and he sang soul songs over it. About 30% of the lyrics were improvised and at some point he looked at my wife (then my girlfriend) and said "You know what I mean, sandy?" (sandy being her name). She had no idea who he was. Later, he looked at her again, pointed and said her full name. Weird. My friends were awestruck, assured that someone I know EVERYONE. Or, um, know someone who does.

Anyway, after the show we go talk to him and it turns out this guy was Franka Potente's boyfriend in high school, and Franka was a foreign exchange student staying with my wife.

And now you know how I went to the prom with Gina Davis. But you probably already read about that in People magazine.

Anyway, man, if I wasn't a couple thousand miles from London, I'd go.
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Response by poster: and it turns out this guy was Franka Potente's boyfriend in high school

Interesting story! This actually doesn't sound true, and I can't find any background on it, but funny none the less :-) I am seriously gutted I can't go, especially since it's a small intimite gig, and I hate regular large gigs which is about the only other chance I'll get to see him :-(
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Well, this may not be compelling evidence, but I have some pictures that Franka drew, and some pictures of her, on my website. I don't think the guy in the pictures is the artist in question, but a different boyfriend. Actually he may be the guy in the picture taken in front of the door. I didn't know him at the time, so who knows.

I actually wonder if she mentions her time as a foreign exchange student to anyone. Although I knew Franka in high school, I didn't know until many years later, even after I'd seen her in movies, that it was the same girl. Never occurred to me.
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I had no idea he was quite this famous. I'd always assumed he was just some fat kid who was a novelty act around Minneapolis.

The only time I've ever seen/heard him was a side-splitting karaoke rendition of "Tiny Dancer" in one of the local hipster clubs. It's kind of interesting to know that even though he's playing gigs on both sides of the pond, he still hangs in the same bars as I do.
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The show I saw at Rice in houston was quite a performance. He wore sort of a satin jogging suit with Har Mar written in sequence on the pants. Oh, the microphone slinging that was seen that night.
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Response by poster: He was on British TV a couple of years ago, and has been quite visible in the 'underground' since then playing a lot of nightclubs and festivals. He's not known to the general public, of course, although he has been in a vodka commercial.
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I saw him at the siren festival a few weekends ago. He's pretty funny and I have huge respect for anyone who'll strip to their underwear and preform on stage.
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It's so funny for me, who grew up shopping at the wonderfully dumpy Har Mar Mall, to think that some guy is using its name and entertaining worldwide.

Any Minnesotans remember Har Mar in its sad days, before they put in the Barnes & Noble and spiffed it all up? When the coolest thing about it was the weird, multi-colored bathrooms at the theater? Ah, good times, good times.
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Why does Har Mar always look like young Ron Jeremey to me?
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Har Mar also appeared in the recent Starsky & Hutch movie, as the discorific Dancin' Rick. Also worth seeing is the amazing video for "D.U.I" (catchiest song of the year).

On the topic, Allmusic.Com indicates that he's written songs for Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Osborne. Anyone know which songs those might be?
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Franka Potente is THE SEX.

Carry on.
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