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The United States Tennis Association's website kinda confuses me. Anyone who plays a lot of tennis wanna help me out with something? [more inside]

I've been thinking about playing in a few tournaments locally and I've joined the USTA PNW (i'm in Seattle) division and I'm looking to get started. Firstly, I'm confused about what NTRP is as opposed to "Open" tournaments. I know I'm a little old for junior tournaments, but I don't wanna show up at a tournament where everyone else is near-pro. Secondly, why aren't there any tournaments in Seattle? Am I looking in the wrong places? What is it about Vancouver, WA that's more appealing for tournaments than here?
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If you're not a pretty good player, you probably want to play the NTRP tournaments. Open tournaments are just that, open. It may be broken into age and gender categories, but otherwise you could be playing someone of any skill level. Generally the tournaments are pretty competitive. NTRP, on the other hand, is designed to ensure that players of similar skill levels are matched. See here for a guide to the system, and here for a description of the levels.

As for the USTA site, it's not quite as organized as it probably could be. The tournament search seems broken, as it's not finding tournaments I know exist. However, most of the lower level events are not listed as tournaments, but are actually league events. The leagues are organized based on the NTRP system, and are designed to find you people to play in your locale. Here's the main page for USTA leagues in the Pacific Northwest, and contact for the League Coordinators. You can also register online.
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