Holy ridiculous shots Batman!
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Looking for a clip of Jimmy Connors.

He comes up to the net and then whoever he's playing against tries to lob it over Connors' head. Connors throws his racket way up into the air and manages to hit the ball back to his opponent, who is completely stunned. Connors wins the point and does a dance. (Not sure if they go back and make a different call after realizing what happened) Help me find an online video of this. I think I saw this on Spanning the World, but I can't even seem to find a decent website for that show.
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Just wanted to say: I threw my racquet at the internet, but didn't hit the clip. He does a lot of dances. Sorry, I tried.
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Response by poster: He definitely does to a lot of dances. I emailed Len Berman. Maybe he'll get back to me. If he does, I'll update this thread. Thanks for the effort.
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Best answer: From Len Berman:

"...it happened at a charity match I believe in Florida, in February of 1996..."

Oh well. FAIL.
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