Nethack on a Blackberry?
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Has anyone been able to successfully run Nethack or any roguelike on the Blackberry (8830)? I've exhausted my ability to find anything relevant from google later than 2004. Thanks!
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Best answer: I used to waste time playing Dweller, a very basic roguelike, on my relatively simple Sony Ericsson W810i. I don't know if the Blackberry runs Java programs, but if it does then this is probably your best option.
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Can your blackberry run telnet/ssh?

I have successfully been able to play nethack on my treo, via ssh to my home Linux box or to the servers, using the vi keys for movement. A little slow, but playable.
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I know rogue was ported to the Palmpilot - I used to play it in 2000 or thereabouts.
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Response by poster: Dweller looks cool, but I can't get the .jad or .jar to load on my BB. *sigh*.

I'm so new to BB I have no idea if I can run telnet!

And finally, Rogue on the Palm was an exercise in futility. That's why I was so excited about possible playing a roguelike on the BB. Full keyboard man!
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