Tipping etiquette by the event planner at a catered event
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Who and how much should I tip at a catered dinner event that I planned?

I'm planning a dinner event for two collaborating groups. It's at a local restaurant in a separate party room, and each guest gets to choose their entree selection from a choice of 3 (seafood, chicken, vegetarian). It doesn't look like the preliminary invoice I was sent includes any tip, although it does include a 19.25% service charge, along with charges for facility rental, food, drink, and set-up of the event. There will be a bar with free wine. We're also going to give a presentation.

Who should I tip, if anyone, and how much? Should I tip each individual as I see fit, or should I try to include it in the total cost of the event? I assume there will be bartenders, servers, and at least one host, who may or may not be the catering manager. The Catering Manager, by the way, has been extremely patient with me as I have never planned an event before in my life. There might also be someone to help us set up for the presentation.

If you have any personal experience (from either side of an event like this), I would love to hear it.
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Best answer: The 19.25% charge is, basically, your tip.

That being said, it is never a bad idea to tip (good) staff. Some cash in an envelope for each front of house staff member would go a long way--and would be really good karma for you if you want to use the venue again, either corporately or privately. Amount is up to you, but I'd say minimum 20 pp.

I work in event planning. We don't customarily tip in these situations, but it does happen sometimes.
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Everything dirtynumbangelboy said. The 19% is the tip.
A nice letter of appreciation (provided the function goes off well) is always a nice too.
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See also: http://ask.metafilter.com/77892/tipping-at-an-open-bar
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Sigh. Link.
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service charge is the tip.
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