Tabs in Filemaker not working
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When I try to create a tab using Filemaker Pro 8.0v2 on my Mac (OS version 10.4.11), it displays correctly in "edit" mode. But when I enter data-entry mode, FM "sees through" the tab - and displays all fields (from all the tabs) stacked on top of one another. Clicking the other tabs, I see the same thing - all fields stacked.

The *first* time I created the tabs, I dragged all the fields into the proper place and went into data-entry mode. It worked properly. I then went back into edit mode and moved the tab window slightly, changed the color of the two tabs to make the display more aesthetic. *Then* it stopped working - and no matter what I do, won't display properly (all fields across tabs are stacked).

After hours of trying to re-create the tabular box and varying little things (not changing color, etc), I never got it to work again. I called my colleague, who I share the database with online, and asked her to try to set it up - thinking it was a problem with my local version of FM. She created the tab and it worked! I then changed one of the fields within the tab and it reverted back to the problem display (stacked fields).

She tried re-creating the tab from scratch... Same problem. Thinking that it only takes the first time created on a machine, we got all fields formatted exactly as we want them, and pulled a third colleague in - thinking we could have her create it for the first time and it work, then just drop all the pre-formatted stuff into the new tab. It didn't work.

I'm at wit's end. Any suggestions?
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It sounds like your field became disassociated with your tab. Did you try dragging the field off the tab (into the main portion of the layout), dropping it, then dragging it back on to the tab?

I'd also ask the fine folks over at the Filemaker forums.
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Response by poster: Yes, I've tried re-creating the tab and dragging the fields back into it again and again, and none work. I'll also post on Filemaker forums; thanks for the reference!
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