Where to treat in Oslo
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I need recommendations for a good, not-too-expensive restaurant in Oslo.

I will be in Oslo this weekend, and want to take my wife out for dinner on her birthday on Saturday. Bagatelle is out of my league but I would love to take her somewhere really nice. It does not have to Norwegian cuisine, although that is a plus. We are staying close to the Karl Johanns gate if that helps you in making a recommendation.
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From my man in Oslo: (He's a good man. And thorough.)

"Mink is dead nice and cheaper, we were there the other weekend, classy, small and cosy:

A 4 course meal here is 470 kroner per person.


Across the road from mink is restaurant Eik, never been but it´s supposed to be good:

A 5 course meal here is 465 kroner per person.


Eik has a sister restaurant called Annen etage is also nice, classy and nice but should be cheaper than bagatelle, been there too and loved it:

A 4 course meal here is 475 kroner per person.


Back in the same street as mink and eik is restaurant fjord, a new place and a fish place:


Lille Herbern is kinda fun and cute - i´ve been told you take a boat out into the fjord and then another wee boat out to an island – very nice in good weather:

These are all good places and not as expensive as bagatelle with an average main course around

All are close to Karl Johansgate too."

So there you go.

In my experience, (from UK), everything in Oslo is expensive because of the bizarre strength of the Krone. Booze, particularly, is heavily taxed and its sale and supply is quite restricted. However, the loveliness of the city and the beauty of its inhabitants kind of makes up for it.
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"Also: Norwegian Cuisine's most famous representative is Lutefisk. I vomitted freely and expansively soon after I ate it but YMMV.
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I second Eik, it is a fantastic place that is well recommended with a much more relaxed atmosphere than Bagetelle. Bagetelle just lust its Michellin star as well.

Another place you might want to consider which has a great atmosphere, awesome fresh cuisine and a small but well known local place is Markveien Mat og Vinhus (Food and Wine) located in lower Grunnerlokka, the artistic and creative neighborhood of centre Oslo.

The place is awesome, cheaper than Eikes and intimate enough and cosy enough to ensure a great dining experience. If you want cosy and a slice of real oslo, this is the place to go.

Marksveien website can fill you in with pictures alone (in Norwegian). Restaurant Location on map from Gulesider.no.

Recommend reservations in the morning if you want to go. Same with Eiks.
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