Stained Wood Floor
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Cat urine and wood floors? Our cat didn't like our new house and left a mark that burned a spot in our wood floor. Any ideas on how to take the stain up?
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The stain of the wood floor or the stain that the cat left? If you are referring to the mark from the cat's marking, it's probably not a stain. One of my dogs had an infection and was piddling in the house in secluded spots and by the time I found it the urine had eaten the finish and the original stain on the wood. I ended up refinishing the floors completely.
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Response by poster: I'm sorry - a stain the cat left...
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You know, I read these catfilter AskMe threads and wonder why anyone would ever bother getting a cat. Or a dog. Or any pet. Or children.

I've never had a cat, but have lived with cats, and I can't think of any stain or odor that's harder to deal with than cat-related stains and odors. XQUZYPHYR probably has it right - you're going to have to put some elbow grease into it, refinishing the floor and all.

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Response by poster: I agree Rocketman. I hate cats, but this one was a stray, tired, cold and hungry. My wife burst into tears when I put him back outside. Looking at the stain in our new house, I'm the one crying...
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it can kill the cat

Problem solved, Macboy.

(i kid, i kid, i love all animals!!)
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Not much help but a note that if the floor is oak and the stain has turned black your probably out of luck. The ammonia will have _fumed_ the wood and you'll have to remove a significant depth of material to get rid of it.

On the upside a decent hardwood floor renovation guy can replace just a few boards where the stain is with some taken from a closet or other out of the way location.
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Get rid of the cat. Worst. Pet. Ever. (I know, I grew up with them. Worthless.)
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