How to print annotations on a PDF?
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How to print annotations on a PDF? I have a PDF from a colleague, which has annotations in the margin. They seem to use the standard annotation mechanism and are visible in Adobe Reader and Apple Preview. But neither application will let me print the annotations inline with the document. How can I do this, on Mac, Linux or Windows?
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Does File > Print with Comments work for you? What about File > Print Setup > Properties > Advanced > Advanced Printing Features: Enabled? What version of Acrobat are you using?
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Response by poster: Neither of those options exist on Adobe Reader 8.1.2 for Linux. I don't have Acrobat itself, just the free viewer.
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Give Foxit Reader a whirl.
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I only have Pro installed, not Reader, but in your print dialog, is there a pop-up labeled "Comments and Forms"? Try changing that to "Document and Markups"
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Response by poster: Foxit crashes when I attempt to open the Print dialog. In Reader, choosing 'Comments and Forms' show highlights and strikethroughs, but not annotations.
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I've seen Foxit Reader 2.0 crash on certain PDFs, but I have yet to see 2.3 do it. Could you email me a copy of your crash-provoking PDF to play with? Address in profile.
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Response by poster: flabdablet: It crashes for any PDF. I'm using XP on Parallels, so perhaps one of those is responsible
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