Access + Avery = crap. HELP!
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So I created an Access database in order to manage the printing of postcards. I need to send out postcards to people on a monthly basis to remind them about an upcoming meeting. I used the Label wizard in Access to create a report that I can use over and over. I am also using the Avery 5389 postcard paper stock. This stock should print two postcards per 8.5x11 sheet. When I look at the print preview the first page looks correct, with 2 sets of data top and bottom. When I print preview (or print) from the second page on, only one postcard, the top one, is printing per page. WTF is going on with Access?

Or what am I doing wrong?

I am also noticing that the placement of my Text on this report is shifting. The text on page 2 is not printing in the same exact layout as page 1. It is shifted down by a few rows. What is causing this? Going into DESIGN in access only shows one postcard so I am not sure how I would change this.

HELP! please
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FWIW, the newer versions of Microsoft Word usually come with templates for Avery products included. In my copy of Word 2003, I can go to Tools --> Letters and Mailings --> Envelopes and Labels, and the default on the Labels tab is Avery Standard, 5960. If I click on Avery Standard, I can select templates for other Avery products, including the 5389 postcard. By exporting your database to Excel, you could fill this label template in Word using Mail Merge to link your spreadsheet data and bypass your Access formatting issues.
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Best answer: It sounds like the report is slightly taller than half the height of the page. So as the design is repeated, it keeps pushing the next one down farther. Try decreasing the height of the report in design view a little bit at a time until it correctly outputs exactly 2 sets per page, no more, no less.
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Response by poster: Thanks junesix

I foundthis M$ knowledge base article

It looks as if the predefined margins for this avery product were set incorrectly. I adjusted them down a bit and I got two to fit on a page.

That was extremely frustrating. Thanks Microsoft!
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