Buddha cuff links; where are you? Help me replace family heirlooms!
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When I was a boy, my father's father passed away. He had been a medic in the Navy in WWII, stationed in Australia, and also spent time in Hawaii. Among the few things we inherited from him were a pair of Buddha cuff links. They were mother-of-pearl (or similar) images of the sitting Buddha, done in frieze style. They've been stolen.

If I recall correctly, they were mostly square and fairly flat, maybe 1/4 inch. I had been very close to my grandfather and had always hoped that one day I'd get to wear those cuff links and honor his memory.

Of course, some ass broke into our house when we were away and only stole the little box of bits and pieces my grandfather had left us. They left the stereo and camera and jewelry; they only took the financially invaluable but emotionally precious heirlooms. Jerks.

In the twenty years since then, I've been keeping an eye out for a set of cuff links like the ones my grandfather had left us. I've looked online and in jewelry shops in Asia and Australia and everywhere else I've been. No luck at all.

Has anyone seen anything like this?
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nice! that's almost like what he had. looks like that auction ended so i'll email the seller...
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