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If you are an Event Planner/Wedding Planner, how did you get to be where you are? What would you recommend to gain experience in this field?
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I work in events (although not weddings) and my best advice is to intern. Assuming that fits with your current lifestyle (meaning, you can afford to work for free) its an excellent way to get your fit in the door, meet people and gain valuable experience. Barring intern, I would suggest seeking out an entry level position. I've found that event planning is one of those things you can only learn by doing. I mean, you can take courses or read books - but your best bet is to apprentice with someone who is already doing events.
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I've worked with an event planner who had obtained a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) certification. It might be something you'd be interested in looking into, since professional designations sometimes help convey a commitment to the field, and probably would help add to your resume if you don't have as much work experience yet.

I also have a friend who got into wedding planning by helping out friends who were getting married - I think it grew into a great part-time business for her by word-of-mouth.
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Work with a caterer.
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My sister became an event planner via another job within the same hotel.
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