Help with Bittorrent port fowarding
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Just got Verizon FIOS and the wifi access point sucks. So I disabled the wireless portion on the fios router and plugged in a linksys wifi router. Wireless is now kick a** but my bittorrent is slow. I need help with port forwarding.

The fios router is and the new access point is with the wireless network being and the computer I want to torrent on is On the fios router (.1) I have set port forwarding for port 65473 to forward to the linksys(.3). Then on the linksys, port forward for 65473 to computer (.2.101).

>> Fios Router > Linksys to Fios Interface > AP >MacBook

This doesn't work. If I plug into fios router and get into the .1.1 network, it works. How can i get wireless bittorrent working?

Fios router is an Actiontech MI424-WR. Wifi is Linksys WRT160N.
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Try to disable NAT and DHCP on your linksys router, so that the linksys router is only acting as an access point and your wireless network is in the same address space as the wired network. Otherwise, your laptop is accessing the internet through two layers of NAT whenever it's connected to the wireless network.
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In addition to disabling NAT & DHCP on the linksys, you should connect it to the FIOS router via one of the LAN switch ports, not the WAN port.
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As described should work, as long as the macbook has its gateway as the linksys, and the linksys has the fios as its gateway. Still, two layers of NAT is pointless.

As suggested, plug the fios into the lan port of the linksys, have only one of them do DHCP and put everything in the same IP address space - sounds like the best. You shouldn't actually need to disable the NAT on the linksys, you'll just not be using the WAN side of it at all. Then your macbook should be effectively plugged into the lan port of the fios router, whether it's by ethernet or wireless.
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Oh, and make sure wireless to lan bridging is enabled on the linksys. It usually is by default, but just in case...
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Lastly, put the fios as the default gateway - but I image you know that :)
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Thanks all you guys. I disabled dhcp on AP and plugged fios router into lan port. Everything works bangin'!
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