Yogurt - So Filling!
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A couple of years ago, I remember a news report about yogurt that made you feel full. Did it work, and can you still buy it?
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Best answer: I missed that report, but did have a conversation with Doug Flack, a natural meats/animal fats advocate up in Vermont, this summer in which he said that some forms of fat (and yogurt, even low-fat yogurt, contains fat) does in fact make one feel full faster.

A quick google of this idea turned up quite a few mentions of yogurt making you feel full. So, I guess it's worth a try.

Doug puts his theory into practice as a business and advocates making pemmican the way the original inhabitatants used to make theirs. He can cite hours of fascinating anecdotal evidence to support his theories. He recently filled a two-hour canoe trip down the Missisquoi River with notes about archeological evidence dug from the banks of the river itself; but that's another story.

Me, I'm headed to the gym for a lunch-time workout and then for a small tub of yogurt for lunch. Thanks for the idea!
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Well, according to their ads, Yoplait Custard style yogurts do that (scroll down to custard style). I had one a few weeks ago and remember thinking it was indeed remarkably filling. I haven't done any research to see if it's worth it for the extra calories/fat/artificial flavors/whatever, though.
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Try adding ordinary plain low-fat yogurt to a cup of pea soup. The soup gets thicker and tastes fabulously RICH without being so. Very satisfying without much extra fat.
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When I had to drop weight I found that water does work like an appetite suppressant. Your results may of course vary and you will pee a lot more.

On the plus side, your weight loss may increase in direct relation to the distance between your desk and the nearest restroom! I also find that when I'm pushing water and having to get up for a pee regularly I'm not as nuts at the end of the workday as I might be otherwise.
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I think I'm going to be ill now.
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